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Jason Zavala’s primary expertise is in training on the intricacies of single family housing market issues. These efforts have included the creation of consumer workbooks, homeownership program analysis, course creation and instruction for trainers, program evaluation and management assistance, design and development of educational tools, public speaking, practitioner review, editing, and advising for industry publications.

Current efforts include training for a Hardest Hit project, providing National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling monitoring, rebuilding a financial education class to include capabilities and behavioral emphasis, developing a new IDA framework, business plan assistance, participating in a local Bank On initiative, surveying and interviewing financial coaching program designs, and fostering a community development presence in his new home of TN. Recently he also joined the THDA Housing Education Advisory Board and the Tennessee Affordable Housing Coalition.

In today’s volatile housing market, Jason is immersed in providing non-profit foreclosure counseling management aid, grant review, and working behind the scenes on launching innovations in affordable housing solutions in preservation, education, behavior linkages, and research.

Before launching MitiGate, Inc., Jason specialized in foreclosure intervention and homebuyer education in rural New England as a Loss Prevention Initiatives Manager for Rutland West NHS, Inc. While there, he founded the Vermont Anti-Predatory Lending Coalition; and, he addressed the NeighborWorks America’s Board of Directors, the Vermont Senate, Joint Housing Committee, providing vital evaluations of federal model legislation for consumer protection bills. He is the author of the illuminating “When The Lender Knocks” and “Don’t Get Soaked By Your Mortgage,” - consumer option guides for effectively navigating foreclosure and predatory lending. Earlier while pursuing a career in consumer-finance banking, Jason successfully management-interned with Bank One of Louisiana.

An alumnus of Louisiana Tech University, degreed in mathematics and English, Mr. Zavala recently completed a MA from Southern New Hampshire University in Community Economic Development Policy.

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