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Six quick areas to improve

      On the end user or (unit of production):
They are customers, not clients. Clients are part of social work. Customers are sold products and services. Treat them like customers and you will find your product.

      On the worker:
They are planners, not counselors. Who wants to be counseled? Who?

      On the organization:
It is a social profit, not a non-profit. Designation as non-profit smacks of low intent for sustainability. 501(c)(3)? Who cares unless required in a grant application?

      On advertising for employees:
If you are posting jobs for a counselor and identify yourself as a 501c-3, you will probably get exactly who you were not intending to advertise to.

      On foreclosure intervention dialog:
It is options that may be available to them, not their options. Choice is unlikely.
It is identifying alternative housing, not losing your home. Moving can be a success.

      On the product(s):
Nothing is free. Now is the sliding scale, bundled, credited, volunteering or in-kind. Give your customers the right to repay.

Good fortunes! Next assignment rewording classes, workshops, and education…


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