On saving counseling: Welcome to 10 years ago - advising consumers now to budget to save 10% may be antiquated data. More and more financial advisors seem to be guiding us towards 12-15% take home pay. So offer two suggestions, first consider applying this to Roth IRAs or SIMPLEs for possible tax advantaged savings, then offer the really best plan, which is something-anything-often, and is ultimately probably the most easy to engage as a starter course of action. Either way, your customer will be advanced to a few more days with a lot less stress in retirement if they just take an action.

Welcome to MitiGate

MitiGate, Inc. is a mortgage and consumer financial education consulting firm. Established in 2002 by Jason Zavala, initial program efforts specifically honed in on national awareness and education relative to predatory lending and foreclosure issues with a bent for consumer advocacy, the creation of a consumer workbook for the avoidance of defaults, and a homeownership program analysis for a non-profit housing counseling agency.

Since that time, we have expanded project offerings to include the following:

How is your credit

  • Course instruction for trainers and consumers
  • Program evaluation and management assistance
  • Design and development of educational tools
  • Public speaking and panelist/moderator
  • Practitioner review, editing, and advising for industry publications
  • White Papers on Innovations for the Mortgage and Consumer Financial Products
  • Listserv moderation for industry professionals
  • Course creation

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